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Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tour

3 Days

  • 1 h
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  • Uganda

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The 3 Day Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tour is a magical journey into the isolated jungles of East Africa, promising you an experience like no other. Sitting among a family of wild mountain gorillas in the deep misty jungle of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is utterly magical; nothing can ever prepare you for such an experience! Their sheer beauty, brawn, soulful brown eyes, astonishingly human-like expressions and their extraordinarily gentle demeanor are just the beginning. One hour with these gentle creatures – 60 minutes, is all it takes to change your whole life’s experience. This Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tour is a budget safari that is designed to allow any traveler to have a chance at spending time with these endangered creatures.

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